About Us

SWEDABO story started in 2001 with trading of timber trucks and forestry tractors and now it has become as trading, assembling and dismantling of international woodworking equipment.


We offer a brand new or second hand woodworking equipment and machinery parts. We can also adjust them to Your production facilities and fill all of Your specific needs with the help of our tehnical designers. We specialize in manufacture, dismantle, installation, maintenance, repairing and consulting.


Punctuality, high quality, in-depth communication and professional approach are our core values in mutual cooperation from both sides. We go into every situation and recommend the best solution for it. And we know – time and costs are very important to the enterpreneur today. Our goal is to reduce overall costs by reducing the involvement of human resources and equip the entrepreneur to produce more in the shortest possible time.


Based in Sandby, Sweden – 150 km from Stockholm to the North – and we have partnered with companies all over the world.



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