Söderhamn Kockum 511A, Edge saw


Söderhamn Kockum 511A, Edge saw

Karlholmsbruk, Sweden


Soderhamn Kockum 511A, edge saw is intended for edging planks and boards. The movable saw blade can be readjusted rapidly and accurately to produce maximum yield or currently marketable timber dimensions.

Resettings are made by means of a hydraulic servo-mechanism which is built-in below the frame. The edger incorporates safety devices both for the drive chains of the feed unit and for the two saw blades and a reverse lock.

Soderhamn Kockum 511A:

  • fixed saw blade
  • 6 feed rollers
  • saw spindle speed 1800 rev/min

The saw is in working condition.


ManufacturerSöderhamn Kockum
Stock NumberID000433
- settings in mm75-90-100-115-125-140-150-165-175-200-225-250-275-325-350
Feed rate77-118 m/min
Min edging width75 mm
Max edging width350 mm
Max timber thickness125 mm
Max saw blade diameter650 mm
Weightwith motor and control stand 2050 kg