High-cpacity fingerjoint line

High-cpacity fingerjoint line

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Dimensions of the blocks to be processed:

➢ Length: 114 mm to 914 mm;

➢ Width: 35 mm to 203 mm;

➢ Thickness: 8 mm to 63mm;

➢ The maximum difference (tolerance) that can be handled in the thickness and width in 

the same run is up to 6 mm; Block width to be at least 50% more than thickness for

maximum performance;

➢ Hardwood and softwood

INPUT: Up to 200 pieces per minute; (with lug spacing at 228mm)

OUTPUT: Up to 10 press cycles per minute

Automatic lug loader


15kw (20HP) 3000rpm

➢ ACEco cutterheads and knives are an option. As we are ACEco distributors, please see

the options section for more information and prices;

➢ 2 – 280mm trim saws, each mounted on a high precision spindle, fixed speed 6000rpm, 

saw blades included;

➢ 4 – 200mm scoring saws, each mounted on a high precision spindle, fixed speed 

6000rpm, saw blades included;

➢ 2 Electric motors 7.5kw 3000rpm will drive the saws (2 scoring and 1 trim saws on each 

motor) via a flat belt. Disconnect switches will be installed near each motor

Glue applicator for maximum economy

Automatic corner transfer

Assembly machine

Highly productive press; – (7,5m)


ManufacturerConception R.P. Inc
ModelCRP 2000
Stock NumberID00098805