2017 Mebor HTZ 1100 PRO


2017 Mebor HTZ 1100 PRO

Karlholmsbruk, Sweden


The Mebor HTZ 1100 PRO is a fast, versatile band saw. Suitable for either production or quality oriented sawmills, who are looking at lowering their operation costs, while increasing quality of sawn wood and production.

Complete with log deck 4x6 m.

Key features:

  • fast & precise servo controlled blade positioning (precision +/-0,05 mm);
  • all in one log manoeuvring for best recovery;
  • able to split logs up to 900 mm in diameter;
  • best performance in the price range;

Technical data:

  • Productivity: up to 38 m3/8h*;
  • Max. log diameter: 1000 mm;
  • Max. cutting width: 1000 mm;
  • Diameter of flywheels: 1120 mm;
  • Width of flywheels: 120 mm;
  • Blade length: 7100 mm;
  • Blade width: 120** mm;
  • Blade thickness: 1,2 mm.


ModelHTZ 1100 PRO
Stock NumberIDLUK02
ManufacturerMebor wood saws
ModelHTZ 1100 PRO