Board edger ARIVislanda KT-52

No longer available

Board edger ARIVislanda KT-52

Karlholmsbruk, Sweden


Board Edger AriVislanda KT-52, complete with indeed and outfeed conveyors.

  • Water cooled saw guides,
  • Max. feed speed: 300 m/min,
  • Max. number of pieces per minute: 45 pcs,
  • Max. board thickness: 120 mm,
  • Max. board width: 400 mm,
  • Min. board width: 47 mm,
  • Weight: 3000 kg.


ManufacturerBoard edger ARIVislanda
Stock NumberIDC000016
Max. feed speed300 m/min
Max. number of pieces per minute45 pcs
Max. board thickness80 mm
Max. board width400 mm
Min. board width47 mm
Weight3000 kg