Spanner Re2 GmbH power plant


Spanner Re2 GmbH power plant

Location:Karlholmsbruk, Sweden


Spanner Re2 GmbH 50GH-8 AP wood chips gasification cogeneration power plant. The HKA 45 biomass power plant consists of a wood gasifier unit and a downstream thermal power plant (cogeneration plant).

The average annual operating time of a biomass power plant is about 20,000 operating hours. If your company needs large energy production capacity all year round, the offered biomass power plants are suitable for you. The power plants are in working order and will only be dismantled after the sale. Send a request or contact us for more information.


Main sectors in which HKA 45 is used:

  • Forestry;
  • Agricultural holdings;
  • Woodworking and recycling;
  • Local heating networks, etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Rated electric power 50 kW;
  • Generator asynchronous;
  • Voltage 3 ph 400V;
  • Rated heat Power 102 kW;
  • Outlet water temperature 85 C;
  • Return water temperature 65 C;
  • The consumption of wood chips is approx. 1kg to 1kWh electric power.


ManufacturerSpanner Re2 GmbH power plant
Stock NumberIDC000013
Nominal electrical Power50 kW
Voltage3 ph 400V
Nominal heat Power102 kW
Outlet water temperature85 C
Return water temperature65 C
Wood chips consumtion rateapprox. 1kg per 1kWh electric power