Tomal Multiscrew Feeder

Tomal Multiscrew Feeder

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The Tomal Feeders are volumetric multi screw feeders for safe discharge and accurate metering of solids. With the unique construction the Tomal multi screw feeders are suitable as metering devices for both granular and arch forming materials.


Swedabo AB offers used and new conveyor systems for wood material processing. Log conveyors, belt conveyors, feed and waste conveyors for waste or scrap, chain conveyors and roller conveyors, all equipped with electric motors and reducers.


These mechanical devices, safely and efficiently transferring materials from station to station, perform the entire automated production system. Before purchasing equipment, you first need to understand your product and the environment it takes to choose the most appropriate conveyor system for transporting it. Contact us and order quality woodworking equipment for yourself or your company today!


ManufacturerTomal Multiscrew Feeder
Stock NumberIDL000483
Length2.1 m
Width1.3 m
Height0.70 m
Drive gear motor3-phase 230/400V, 50-60 Hz
Capacity5 - 220 000 liters/h dry solids in powder or granular form
Number of screws7
Electric motor5.5 kW