2012 BOS-H 5200

No longer available

2012 BOS-H 5200

Karlholmsbruk, Sweden


2012 BOS-H 5200 sawline is designed for continuous production of decks and pallet stringers as well as other products on the same table. Sawline machine operates in ‘hidden’ time (while the machine is nailing, the operator places the wood).

The BOS-H 5200 sawline is an open horizontal table, it can be divided into 1 or more workstations. The operator provide the wood in one workstation. The bridge with the nail guns moves along the table and nails on the different workstations. During nailing the operator can remove the completed product from a workstation and reload it whilst the other workstations are being nailed.

Programming is performed via interactive touch screen. The working speed of the machine can be adjusted.

Technical specification of table:

  • width useful: 2100 mm
  • length useful: 5200 mm
  • height useful: min. 20 mm - max. 200 mm

Technical specification of bridge: 1 carriage

  • X-axis: Bridge moves at 1m/sec
  • Y-axis: Tools moving separate: motor: 1m/sec
  • Z-axis: The height is adjustable: min. 20mm - max. 200mm (1 height in 1 program) Z-axis: Tools moving separately: pneumatic: max 50mm
  • 1x 2 nail guns + 2 additional tool holder + connections (holder + air conn. + electr.