Many companies often choose to expand their production by purchasing wood chippers, wood chip screeners, and wood chip packers to be able to produce the best possible quality and variety of woodchip products. In this article, you will learn what are the most valuable wood chip products you can sell and what equipment is needed for their production.

Wood chipping process

For some, it is just ordinary wood waste from sawing wood, while for others it is a valuable product that is produced by chopping special trees, both peeled and unpeeled, branches, stumps, roots, and other wood waste.

The process of making wood chips is called chipping. Any type of wood and its part can be chipped, but to sell it successfully, it is necessary to look at the requirements of the relevant market and buyers. There are several types of wood chips, such as wood residue chips (from recycled wood, untreated wood residues, and off-cuts), forest wood chips (without forest areas), sawing residue chips (from wood sawing) and short rotation forestry chips (from energy crops).

The use of wood chips and products

Chips are mainly used as a solid fuel and as a raw material in the wood pulp production process. Fuel chips fall into different quality categories depending on uniformity, ash content, and the absence of dirt and debris, ranging from paper chips, bole chips, whole-tree chips, and urban-derived wood fuel. However, chemical pulp producers require that the chips be clean, without bark, in relatively uniform pieces, and with as little fiber damage as possible.

The most common associated with wood chips is gardening mulch for landscaping. However, it can be reprocessed into playground surfacing material or impact-attenuation surface as a very effective way to reduce the impact of a fall. It is also used in bioreactors for denitrification, restoration ecology, and as a substrate for mushroom cultivation and even in smoking meat to obtain different flavors.

Woodworking machines for chip making

To produce wood chips, you need a wood chipper - one that is powerful enough and meets your requirements. Chippers fall into several categories: 

  • A screw-type or high-torque roller wood chipper (safe and easy to use, quite)
  • A drum wood chipper (large and uneven wood chips, energy efficient)
  • A disk wood chipper (consistent shape and size wood chips)

No one will want to buy wood chips at a high price, which also contains other unnecessary wood parts, such as sawdust. To sort wood chips, it will be necessary to buy a chip screening system, which will separate the chips from sawdust and excess pieces. 

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