AKE, Söderhamn Eriksson 1600

AKE, Söderhamn Eriksson 1600

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Bandsaw line

6 twin saw line AKE 1600, the last 7 band saw is quattro are AKE 1600 with Canalli built in 2001

- band saw wheel diameter 1600

- width 200 mm

- electric motor each saw 75 kW

- year of manufacture 1979 - 2001

- weight about 15 t

- with electrical cabinets

- sawmill capacity 150,000 m3 / year 1 shift

The line is partially dismantled

The line has no log feed

Currently available from the line is

- first twin saw (log)

- second twin saw without exit rollers (side edges for sawn logs)

output conveyor with feed to the third conveyor

cross conveyors with separators under the output conveyor

- third twin saw (side edges for the log were the same as for the first and second saws)

output conveyor

cross conveyor under the output conveyor

- fourth twin saw (side edges sawn, opposite sides as 1; 2; 3 saw)

without feeding tables

without centering table

output conveyor

- fifth twin saw (beam sawing)

output conveyor (sold)

- sixth twin saw (sold)

output conveyor

cross conveyor under the output conveyor

- the seventh twin saw

output conveyor

cross conveyor sem output conveyor

  • See the sawing process in the attachment of the pdf file.


ManufacturerAKE, Söderhamn Eriksson
Band saws6
Electric motor each saw75 kW