Söderhamn Eriksson Small log saw line

No longer available

Söderhamn Eriksson Small log saw line

Karlholmsbruk, Sweden


Small log saw line Soderhamn Eriksson / USNR with Euromill Log lenght 2,4 – 6 m, log diameter 8-30 cm Capacity 120 m3 ready material 8 h/shift averege log diameter 18 cm Machine list 1. Log deck, 5 chains 2. Elevator 3. One piece feeder 4. Chain conveyor. 5. Infeed to the debarker. 6. Debarker CAMBIO 71-45. 7.Outfeed from the debarker. 8. Chain conveyor with kicker 9. Cross conveyor 10. One piece feeder 11. Chain conveyor 12. Centring conveyor 13. Chipper canter Soderhamn 240-12C 14. Roller conveyor. 15. Belt conveyor. 16. Infeed for chipper canter. 17. Chipper canter Soderhamn 240-12C 18. Profiling machine EUROMILL S 19. Chain conveyor for the exit of the EUROMILL with a side board separation mechanism. 20. Side board stacker 21. Belt conveyor side board accelerator. 22. Chain conveyor of the central board. 23. Cross chain conveyor of the center board. 24. Chain conveyor. 25. Elevator. 26. Roller conveyor for leveling the ends of the boards. 27. Central board stacker with stick cassets 28. Conveyors for sawdust and chips. If you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager.


ManufacturerSöderhamn Eriksson